Mild or spicy soppressata

The line of smoked cold cuts was intended by the company with the specific intent of reprehending the typical Calabrian tradition and enrich our cold cuts with the characteristic flavor given by the smoking process. The Soppressata is the most noble amongst the Calabrian sausages because it is obtained by the processing of the leanest pork meats, nerve-free, ham and filet, with the addition of the best lard coming from the front part of the loin. Chopped coarsely and aromatized with Calabrian sweet chili or hot chili, the meats are bagged in natural pork guts, pierced and hand-tied with natural twine. Naturally smoked and seasoned for 45/60 days in environments with controlled temperature and humidity. Our soppressate are gluten- and dairy-free.

kg 2/2,5

45/60 days


packs 10/15/20/25 kg

atmosfera modificataatmosfera modificata
The sausage factory Menotti works following a personal HACCP plan and guarantees the safety of products in conformity with the current legislation.